Statistical Aspects of the Blood-Level Duration Test

  • Michael Weis Bentzon
Part of the Chemotherapy book series (CT, volume 4)


In the preceding paper, J. Bang reported the results of testing 29 batches during a period of ten years. He concluded that it is necessary to introduce some sort of stopping rule in connection with the WHO requirements for the Blood-Level-Duration test (Wld Hlth Org. techn.rep.ser. 1964, 274 41). In order to elucidate the effect of the present rules, a large number of test results have been constructed by means of random numbers. These are based on the results obtained for the reference preparation. Figs. 1 and 2 show the variation in the average and the standard deviation of log C during the ten years.


Average Concentration Test Series Sampling Plan Dard Deviation Test Table 
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