Further Studies on the Protein Binding Inhibitor of Antimicrobials in Uremic Sera

  • William A. Craig
Part of the Chemotherapy book series (CT, volume 4)


Serum protein binding of sulfamethoxazole, dicloxaclllin, penicillin 6, cephalothin and nitrofurantoin was decreased in pooled and individual sera from uremic patients. Treatment of uremic sera with activated charcoal at pH 3 corrected the binding defect for all drugs except penicillin. The effect of charcoal treatment can be explained by removal of an inhibitor that accumulates in uremia and occupies the binding site of certain drugs, changes the configuration of the albumin molecule or both. Free fatty acids (FFA) were not the cause of the binding defect.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • William A. Craig
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineVeterans Administration Hospital and University of WisconsinMadisonUSA

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