Cryogenic Thermal Stratification and Interfacial Phenomena for Heated Tanks During Prolonged Orbital Flight

  • R. A. Moses
  • D. F. Gluck
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 18)


In the U. S. space program, prolonged storage of subcritical liquid cryogens during orbital coast will be necessary for most of the space missions currently envi­sioned. An understanding of liquid thermal stratification, interface heat and mass transfer, and ullage pressure variation, with and without helium pressurant, is required for the design of long-term storage vessels and control systems.


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  • R. A. Moses
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  • D. F. Gluck
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  1. 1.Space DivisionNorth American RockwellSeal BeachUSA

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