A New Positive Seal for Pistons and Axially Moving Rods

  • J. A. Rietdijk
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 10)


Up to the present time, the Philips’ gas-refrigerating machine has been capable of running continuously for about 2000 hr. During this time the output has gradually decreased due to clogging of the regenerator by oil. For industrial applications it would be a distinct advantage to achieve a considerably longer running time. Consequently, piston and rod sealing have been one of the main objectives of research and development on the Philips-Stirling refrigeration machine.


Regulator Valve Regulator Port Diaphragm Thickness Piston Compressor Supporting Fluid 


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  • J. A. Rietdijk
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  1. 1.N.V. Philips’ GloeilampenfabriekenEindhovenNetherlands

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