Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Studies on the System Argon-Oxygen

  • D. I. J. Wang
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 3)


Vapor-liquid equilibrium for tke system argon-oxygen is of considerable importance in the low temperature separation of air constituents. The system in question has been studied by a number of authors, for example, Inglis1, Sagenkahn and Fink2, Burbo and Ishkin3, Fastovskii and Petrovskii4, Din5, and Latimer6. Neither the bubble point nor the liquid vapor composition measurements by the various investigators are in complete agreement. In this paper a set of argon-oxygen equilibrium composition data, taken at approximately one and two atmospheres in an equilibrium still of novel design, together with a brief discussion on the thermodynamic consistency and compatibility of the observed data, is presented.


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