Economic and Other Aspects of the Distribution of Navy Helium in Liquid Form

  • R. E. Brown
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 3)


Helium is now shipped compressed in steel cylinders. The ratio of helium weight to total loaded weight ranges from around one per cent of the total in the case of tank cars to a little over two per cent in the case of the best standard cylinders. Therefore most of the transportation charges are for transporting steel, and a small portion is for transporting helium. This is economically a very unsatisfactory condition, but until now there has been no remedy. The primary object of the liquid helium program herein discussed is to increase the above stated ratio so that a much greater portion of the transportation dollar will be paid for helium transportation. A secondary and up to now entirely incidental objective is to put the Navy into a position to furnish, more economically, helium for end use in liquid form.


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