A New Arrangement for the Ortho-Para Conversion of Liquid Hydrogen in the Large CEL-NBS Liquefier

  • V. J. Johnson
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Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 2)


The tremendous increase in efficiency of the iron hydroxide catalyst described in the preceding paper (A-3) made it extremely attractive for use in the large CEL-NBS hydrogen liquefier s. The 30% chromic oxide gel used for catalyzing the ortho-para conversion of hydrogen in the liquefier s has proven reasonably satisfactory except that to obtain 95% para liquid at full plant capacity 50 liters or more of the catalyst is required. This amount fills a considerable portion of the liquid reservoir and has large heat capacity which appreciably prolongs the time required to cool the liqurfier on start-up. The liter or so of the new catalyst estimated for accomplishing the same degree of conversion would have a negligible heat capacity.


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