Liquid Oxygen Equipment for Use in Aircraft

  • R. W. Roundy
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 1)


Equipment for the utilization of liquid oxygen in aircraft as a source of breathing oxygen for pilots and crewmen at high altitudes is now standard with the Air Force, This equipment has for some time been installed in production run aircraft of certain types because of weight and space savings possible with the liquid oxygen equipment as opposed to the standard gaseous oxygen system. In general, the use of a liquid oxygen system instead of the standard gaseous oxygen system makes possible a weight reduction of 65 percent and a space reduction for the system of 85 percent. The space and weight reductions are possible because of the fact that a given volume of liquid oxygen under moderate pressure can be converted to over 800 volumes of oxygen gas suitable for breathing. This fact enables large quantities of breathing oxygen to be stored in liquid form in containers designed to withstand only moderate internal pressure as opposed to a great number of containers holding gas at moderate pressure or a few extremely heavy containers holding gas at high pressure.


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