Exploitable Aspects of Central Cholinergic Functions, Particularly with Respect to the EEG, Motor, Analgesic and Mental Functions

  • A. G. Karczmar
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 24)


I seem to be of divided mind on the subject of the exploitation of the cholinergic system. At one time I was warning against the overexploita-tion of the latter (1); at this time, however, I propose that therapeutically, it is underutilized. Actually, a common denominator underlies both feelings. The cholinergic system is almost omnipresent in the CNS and is readily affected by drugs and behavior. Hence, it is easy to ascribe a cholinergic basis to just about any CNS phenomenon. Yet the wrong cholinergic mechanism may be proposed, or the conclusion may be altogether unwarranted (cf. below, and 1). But, for this very reason, the all-pervasiveness of the cholinergic system constitutes the basis for its clinical and basic potential.


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