Acute Systemic Effects of Cocaine in Man: A Controlled Study of Intranasal and Intravenous Routes of Administration

  • Richard B. Resnick
  • Richard S. Kestenbaum
  • Lee K. Schwartz
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 21)


An upsurge in cocaine use has been anticipated by workers in the drug abuse field for some time (Ellinwood, 1973), and the popular press recently has been reporting major nationwide increases in the non-medical use of the drug. The increase is apparently occurring both in opiate users and the general population. For example, out of 55,745 students in the seventh through twelfth grades in Dallas, Texas, 2,108, or 4%, reported using cocaine; and 1,250 of them reported they had used it at least one time during the week the questionnaire was answered (Gossett, Lewis, and Phillips, 1971). A series of surveys have indicated that up to 84% of regular heroin users also use cocaine (Chambers, Taylor, and Moffet, 1972; Edmundson, Davies, Acker, and Myer, 1972). The New York State Narcotic Addiction Control Commission reported 81.7% of 180 randomly selected, certified narcotic addicts during 1969–1970 abused cocaine. The Clinical Research Center at Lexington found that, of 1,096 opiate addicts, 72.9% reported cocaine abuse during 1968–1969; and a 10% increase in cocaine use among heroin addicts in San Francisco between 1971 and 1972 has been reported (Gay, Sheppard, Inaba, and Newmeyer, 1973).


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  • Richard B. Resnick
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  • Richard S. Kestenbaum
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  • Lee K. Schwartz
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