Small Vessel Cerebral Vascular Changes Following Chronic Amphetamine Intoxication

  • Calvin L. Rumbaugh
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 21)


Over the past seven years the authors have observed an increasing number of young and middle-aged patients, presenting for cerebral angiography for a variety of neurological problems, including stroke, in whom eventually a history of drug abuse is obtained. Such a history is only rarely volunteered; in fact, usually considerable questioning of the patient, the patient’s family, relatives, and friends is required before such a history is brought to light. In many of these patients cerebral angiography demonstrates vascular changes thought to be related to drug abuse (Rumbaugh, Bergeron, Fang, and McCormick, 1971a). These patients present a diagnostic problem, however, in that their histories often are unreliable or not available regarding the specific drugs or combination of drugs, dosages, impurities, etc. Neither the pathologic nature of the cerebral vascular changes nor the mechanism whereby drug abuse results in these vascular changes is well-understood. It is not known whether one or two specific drugs are responsible for most of the changes or whether many of the misused drugs are capable of producing cerebral damage.


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