Arterial and Venous Vessel Patterns in Rat Septal Structures

  • Peter Coyle
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Previous studies of the rat cerebral vasculature were directed in large part towards investigation of the circle of Willis and regional distributions of the major cerebral vessels. Green (8) identified the three major cerebral arteries and illustrated the superficial veins. The developing arteries were investigated by Moffat (10,11,12) and patterns of variation in the circle of Willis were studied by Brown (1). Accounts of some smaller arterial branches including the choroidal arteries were given in Craigie’s Neuroanatomy of the Rat (17) and by Moffat (12). Capillary densities for different strata in the hippocampus and fascia dentata were reported by Craigie (3,4,5). The rat subfornical artery, a branch of the anterior cerebral artery, was described by Spoerri (14). Accounts of vessel patterns in rat septal structures were not found in the English literature. No information was located on distributions of septal venous vessels for this commonly utilized laboratory animal. The current study was undertaken to identify and chart the course of vessels supplying and draining septal structures. Hopefully, the data can be applied to improve experimental approaches in investigating septal structures and provide background material for interpretation of findings following procedures which could lead to vascular insults.


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