Acetylcholinesterase Histochemistry of the Septal Region in the Rat

  • B. Srebro
  • S. I. Mellgren
  • W. Harkmark
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Based on the normal and post-lesion distribution of AChE-contining cell bodies and fibres, Lewis and Shute (13) have described the existence of several “cholinergic systems” in the rat brain. One of the most prominent forebrain systems was defined as “groups of AChE-containing neurons which are intimately related to the hippocampal formation and its projection pathways in the fore-brain and mid-brain” (13). The main part of this system consists of a cholinergic septo-hippocampal projection, the so-called “septal radiation”, which originates in the AChE-rich cell bodies of the medial septal and diagonal band nuclei. Subsequently, the cholinergic nature of these cells in the medial septum received a variety of indirect evidence from the experimental histochemical and quantitative neurochemical analyses (3,5,12,14,19,20).


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