Behavioral Regulation of Biochemical and Physiological Properties of Identified Neurons

  • Harold Gainer
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 15)


It is generally accepted that behavioral changes resulting from experience (e.g., learning) will be reflected in the nervous system in the form of physiological, morphological, and biochemical modifications (Glassman, 1969; Horn et al., 1973). However, there are a number of difficulties in attempting to bridge the gap between the expectation and the reality of correlating behavioral changes with physico-chemical changes in the nervous system (see Horn et al., 1973; for a critical discussion of these problems). While the intrinsic heterogeneity of the vertebrate nervous system has been effectively overcome by the electrophysiologist’s use of “single unit” recordings (see Hubel; Blakemore; this volume), no equivalent approach has been developed for correlative biochemical studies of the nervous system. Furthermore, since the normal adaptive behaviors of most animals are quite complex, and are associated with a wide variety of endogenous and exogenous variables (e.g., multiple sensory inputs, inhibitory and excitatory synaptic interactions, spontaneous electrical activity, and hormonal influences), it is not surprising that the biochemical analysis of behavioral modifications has been slow in its advance.


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