Reply to “Nutrition and Psychiatric Illness” by Seymour Kety

  • Humphrey Osmond
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 14)


Ironically I have never really viewed megavitamins from the nutritional perspective way. I have looked upon them as being a pharmacological instrument, because allowing for the way we introduced them, we did not perceive them as being a nutritional factor at that time, and perhaps I stayed rather sluggishly behind with this point of view. But I have a difficult position because my formidable friend, Seymour Kety, has presented some powerful points of view which I would like to refute in detail, although I feel I am not competent to refute all of them. I do not mean to say I think there are not people who are competent to do this, but I am not competent to do so; and secondly, it would be impossible, with so cogent and intelligent a critic, to attempt this in a quarter of an hour.


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