Regulation of the Immune Response by T-Cell Subclasses

  • Harvey Cantor
  • Edward Boyse
Part of the Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology book series (CTI, volume 7)


Purified T lymphocytes mediate a wide variety of immunologic functions. These cells can generate cytotoxic responses to alloantigens (Cerottini and Brunner, 1974; Cantor et al., 1975a), exert helper (Transplantation Reviews, 1969) and suppressive (Gershon, 1974) effects on the production of antibody, and initiate graft-vs.-host (Cantor, 1972) and delayed-type inflammatory responses (David and David, 1972). One may ask whether this diversity of function reflects a functional heterogeneity of T cells existing prior to antigen stimulation. According to this model, each T-cell function might be mediated by a subclass of T cells that has been programmed during differentiation to express a single or limited type of immune response. Alternatively, a single mature pluripotent T cell may be induced by antigen to give rise to cells capable of mediating the complete range of T-dependent responses.


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  2. 2.Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer ResearchNew YorkUSA

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