Autoimmunity, Oncornaviruses, and Lymphomagenesis

  • Martin S. Hirsch
  • Max R. Proffitt
  • Paul H. Black
Part of the Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology book series (CTI, volume 6)


C-type oncornaviruses have been associated with a variety of disease states in experimental animals (Hirsch and Black, 1974; Dixon et al., 1974; Levy, 1974; Todaro and Huebner, 1972). Much attention has been directed toward evaluating their role in lymphoproliferative disorders; recently, they have also been considered to play important roles in the induction of, or maintenance of, autoimmune diseases (Hirsch and Proffitt, 1975; Levy, 1974; Dixon et al., 1974). C-type viral genetic information may be acquired through horizontal infection either by experimental injection or by natural transmission of infectious virus; such genetic information may also be vertically transmitted through germ cells from parent to offspring, and may be in the form of integrated proviral DNA (Hirsch and Black, 1974; Todaro and Huebner, 1972; Temin, 1972).


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