On the Relationship Between Cellular and Humoral Antibodies

  • Hans Wigzell


Lymphocytes and their descendants constitute the pool of specific immunocompetent cells, carrying the information to react in a selective manner against foreign material, antigen. At least two major groups of lymphocytes can be recognized, namely, s.c. B and T lymphocytes (Trans. Rev., 1969; Cooper et al., 1966). B cells derive their name from their site of immunological maturation in birds, namely the bursa of Fabricius (Cooper et al., 1966), but the corresponding site in mammals is still under dispute. B lymphocytes are known to provide the precursor cells for production of conventional humoral antibodies if properly stimulated, but other functions of these cells have recently been suggested as well (Harding et al, 1971; Perlmann et al., 1972). T cells, on the other hand, have never been found to release antibodies at a high rate, and some workers have failed to identify any immunoglobulin-like material on or in such cells (Raff et al., 1970; Pernis et al, 1970; Coombs et al, 1971; Kincade et al, 1971). They are called T cells as they would seem to be derived from and to mature immunologically within the thymus, (Blomgren and Andersson, 1971). Their major functional capacity is to be the initiator and mediator of cell-mediated immune reactions involving delayed hypersensitivity reactions and transplantation rejection systems, but they can also function as “helper” cells for B cells in the function of the latter cells as humoral antibody producers (Trans. Rev. 1969; Mitchison, 1971). In this chapter, most of the works reported will deal with cellular vs. humoral antibodies in B cell systems, although a minor part will also deal with T lymphocytes.


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