Short-Term and Chronic Allotype Suppression in Mice

  • Leonore A. Herzenberg
  • Leonard A. Herzenberg


The phenomenon called allotype suppression, in which exposure of the neonate to antibody against its own immunoglobulins suppresses production of those immunoglobulins, offers fertile ground for studying the mechanisms of differentiation and regulation of the immune system. Frequently the suppression is short-lived, and is measurable in weeks post exposure rather than months. In other cases, however, the short exposure of the young animal to antibody to an allotypic antigen on immunoglobulins appears to permanently modify the immune system of the treated animal so that it never regains its normal capacity for immunoglobulin production. Studies on the mechanisms of these short- and long-term suppressions may therefore be expected to provide useful information about some of the sensitive regulation points which keep the entire immune system in balance.


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  • Leonore A. Herzenberg
    • 1
  • Leonard A. Herzenberg
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  1. 1.Department of GeneticsStanford University School of MedicineStanfordUSA

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