T Cell Control of Antibody Production

  • Richard K. Gershon


The discovery that the thymus was involved in the development of the immune system (Miller, 1961; Archer et al, 1962; Jankovic et al, 1962) ushered in the “golden age of ‘thymology’” (Miller, 1967). A second golden age (Miller, 1967) began with the discovery that thymus-derived lymphocytes [soon to be christened T cells (Roitt et al, 1969)] did not themselves make circulating antibodies, but rather assisted other nonthymus-derived lymphocytes to do so (Miller and Mitchell, 1969; Davies, 1969; Claman and Chaperon, 1969). This second class of lymphocytes was christened B cells (Roitt et al, 1969), a term with sufficient ambiguity to gain the acceptance of those who thought these cells differentiated to a functional state in mammalian bone marrow and those who thought a mammalian equivalent of the bursa of Fabricius played a role in their differentiation.


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