The Geology of the Bahama-Blake Plateau Region

  • Francis G. Stehli


The fit of the continental blocks around the Atlantic achieved by Bullard et al. (1965) while generally striking contains features which militate against its too facile acceptance. The most obvious shortcoming is failure to deal with the whereabouts of much of Mexico and all of Central America. The second major difficulty is posed by the considerable overlap which occurs between the Florida-Blake plateau-Bahama region on the southeastern extremity of North America and the Senegal-Gambia-Portuguese Guinea-Cape Verde Islands region of Africa. This overlap signals a forbidden configuration—if the crust in these regions is as old or older than the time of the suggested fit. This chapter attempts to summarize what is known of the Bahama-Blake plateau area that may prove pertinent to an understanding of the history and origin of the North Atlantic Ocean.


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