The Equatorial Marginal Basins of West Africa

  • S. Franks
  • A. E. M. Nairn


Along the western seaboard of Africa from Gabon in the north to Angola in the south there exists a nearly continuous strip of Mesozoic to Recent deposits. These deposits represent the fill of a number of basins which developed in Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous times. The basins, four in number, are, from north to south, the Gabon, Bas Congo-Cabinda, Cuanza, and Mossamedes basins (Fig. 1). South of the Cunene River another basin is found near Luderitz (see Martin this volume) while north of the Gabon basin lies the large basin of the Niger and Cameroons (Machens this volume). In this chapter the geology of the four basins will be reviewed. Essentially, this comprises a review of the general geology of rocks dating back no further than the Upper Jurassic. Boreholes which have penetrated to the basement in the coastal regions exclude the possibility that older Phanerozoic horizons, overlapped by the younger Mesozoic beds, might occur (Maack, 1960; Martin, 1961).


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