A New Dry-Running Bearing Material

  • Zdeněk Ministr
  • Josef Priester


Ever since the initial success of the Glacier DU bearings, there has been a mounting interest in (and increasing use of) bearings of this type, which are capable of operating without any lubricant [1, 2], Apart from their excellent performance, they are easy to mass-produce. A steel strip is covered with a porous matrix of powdered tin bronze, and the pores are then filled in with a 4:1 mixture of PTFE with powdered lead. A very thin continuous surface layer of this mixture is provided for running in; once it has been worn away, some 60 to 70% of the bearing surface is formed by the tin bronze.


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  • Zdeněk Ministr
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  • Josef Priester
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  1. 1.CKD Plant for SemiconductorsPragueCSSR

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