The Metallurgy of Superconductors

  • Robert M. Rose
Conference paper


The structure and processing of superconducting materials play a dominant role in determining the critical current density, critical field, critical temperature, losses in AC fields at all frequencies, magnetic stability in large DC magnetic devices, reliability and durability of tunnel junctions and other useful and practical properties. Some of these effects are explainable via the Ginzburg-Landau-Abrikosov-Borkov phenomenological theory with flux flow effects included; some are relatively crude matters of thermal and magnetic diffusivity; some are associated with surface topography on a submicroscopic scale; and some, including the critical temperature, are matters of conjecture. What is certain is that whether a superconducting material is useful at all depends crucially on how it is manufactured. The present and past status of practical and potentially practical materials, their properties, methods of fabrication and limitations, are reviewed and discussed.


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