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The genus Collinsia includes at least 22 annual herbaceous species in the family Scrophulariaceae which, with two exceptions, are found mostly in the western regions of the Pacific Coast States. Two species, Collinsia violacea and Collinsia verna, are endemic to the Midwest and have been collected in Illinois. Consequently, numerous populations of each species can be acquired without much difficulty. The genus is taxonomically isolated but related to the small genus Tonella. Newsom (1929) revised the taxonomy of the species in Collinsia and, except for conflicts in the status of several taxa, the revision has been retained in its essentials by Pennell (1951) and Munz (1959), using the usual criteria of the herbarium taxonomist. The first attempt to apply the methodology of experimental taxonomy was reported by Hiorth (1933b) in his study of an interspecific hybrid between Collinsia heterophylla (Collinsia bicolor) and Collinsia bartsiaefolia.


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