Estimation with Inviability and Impenetrance

  • Roy Robinson


The analysis of segregations in which an allele at one locus displays inviability while the allele at the other displays impenetrance presents much the same problems as for impenetrance alone. The expectations may seem more complicated but the estimating formulae are either identical or analogous to many of those given earlier. Locus a will be assumed to be impenetrant and locus b the inviable. The expectations for the coupling testcross with two recessive genes are:
$$\begin{matrix}++ & +b & a+ & ab\\\frac{1-\alpha p}{1+u} & \frac{u\left[ 1-\alpha \left( 1-p \right) \right]}{1+u} & \frac{\alpha p}{1+u} & \frac{\alpha u\left( 1-p \right)}{1+u}\\a & b & c & d\\\end{matrix}$$
$$p=\frac{c\left( b+d \right)}{d\left( a+c \right)+c\left( b+d \right)},\text{ }\alpha \text{=}\frac{d\left( a+c \right)+c\left( b+d \right)}{\left( a+c \right)\left( b+d \right)},\text{ }u=\frac{b+d}{a+c}.$$


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