Edward Uhler Condon, a Personal Recollection

  • Lewis M. Branscomb


Edward Uhler Condon was one of the young American physicists who, in 1926, enjoyed a Fellowship at Göttingen and Munich, in time to participate in the revolution of theoretical physics arising from the new quantum mechanics. Son of a railroad engineer in the western United States, sometime newspaper man in San Francisco, Condon’s scientific career combined the abstract with the practical, theory and observation in a unique way. The most fruitful period of his work in theoretical physics occurred between 1926 and 1936, encompassing collaborations with many of the most distinguished scientists of that period. Others in today’s symposium will discuss these contributions in more detail. I would like to recall his impact on science after he began to combine the academic and administrative life, including major positions in industry (Westinghouse and Corning Glass) as well as in government (Directorship of the National Bureau of Standards).


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