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Fugu (Puffer-Fish) Poisoning and the Pharmacology of Crystalline Tetrodotoxin in Poisoning

  • Yasumi Ogura


Fugu (puffer-fish) is one of many poisonous fishes. It produces a potent, toxic substance that is found in various of its organs, for example, the ovaries, liver, intestine, skin, and spawn. Although fugu is dangerous to eat, it is very interesting that there are special restaurants for cooking fugu in Japan. Such restaurants are obligated by the Japanese government to prepare the fish in such a way that fugu intoxication will not be a hazard to diners. One will naturally raise the question—what reasons have Japanese for this dangerous custom. This point-blank question is fired at us by many foreigners. Dangerous, but interesting, eating habits have been rooted among Japanese for a long time; in fact, such habits are localized to Japan. However, the white meat of fugu can please the Japanese palate without causing danger, because a very good technique was developed by our ancestors for treating organs contaminated with its toxic substance. This is a rather unique example of food-life history.


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