Cascade Image Intensifiers

  • A. D. Schnitzler
  • George A. Morton
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The history of intensifies cannot be divorced from the history of the signal-generating or camera tube itself. Interest in this area began shortly after the formalization of electron optics in the 1920’s. Much of this early work had as its ultimate objective the application of electron imaging to the problem of increasing the sensitivity of television camera tubes. The first published articles on image tubes appeared in the middle 1930’s and included papers by Holst et al.,1 Bruche and Shaffernicht,2 Zworykin and Morton,3 Heimann,4 and others. The image tubes described were, in general, single-stage converter tubes employing S-1 semitransparent cathodes. Their sensitivity to near-infrared radiation was one of the features of interest at the time.


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