The Television Camera Tube as a System Component

  • A. Danforth Cope
  • Sidney Gray
  • Edwin C. Hutter
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Television technology was originally developed to promote the broadcast of visual entertainment and information to the public. System standards and system components were devised to be appropriate for these objectives. The constraining requirements were image quality that would be satisfactory to the viewer, and economical and convenient operation of the broadcasting service.


Spatial Frequency Modulation Transfer Function Charge Image Gain Stage Scanning Electron Beam 
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  • A. Danforth Cope
    • 1
  • Sidney Gray
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  • Edwin C. Hutter
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  1. 1.Electro-Optics LaboratoryRCA David Sarnoff Research CenterPrincetonUSA
  2. 2.RCA Government and Commercial SystemsCamdenUSA
  3. 3.RCA LaboratoriesPrincetonUSA

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