Experimental Searches for Magnetic Monopoles

  • Ronald R. Ross
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 10)


Analysis of the sensitivity of previous negative searches for magnetic monopoles shows that they constitute prior evidence against the monopole interpretation of the event reported as “evidence for detection of a moving magnetic monopole.” The strength of the evidence varies with the unknown mass of the monopole. For M ≲ 105 GeV, odds are greater than 106: 1 against. For larger masses, the limits depend strongly on assumption about the range of monopoles and the threshold for detection of monopole tracks in obsidian. In no case are the odds less then 8: 1 and they may be no less than 8000: 1 against. Since the reported event may also be due to an electrically charged heavy particle, it is probably not due to a monopole.


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