Three Quasi-CW Approaches to Short Wavelength Lasers

  • R. C. Elton
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 8)


Three approaches towards achieving extended-period quasi-cw amplification by stimulated emission in the vacuum-UV and x-ray spectral regions are discussed, in a somewhat logical progression towards shorter wavelengths, increased complexity, and demands. Extrapolation of visible and near-UV tuned-cavity cw lasers using higher density plasma media is first discussed for the near-to-mid VUV region. Further extension to the soft x-ray region is described, using preferential resonance charge transfer pumping. This and related intense incoherent x-ray source development could ultimately lead to successful quasi-cw Kα inversions, as is discussed. Experiments underway to test the first two schemes are described.


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