Theoretical Interpretations of Enhanced Laser Light Absorption

  • W. L. Kruer
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 8)


The absorption of intense laser light is obviously one of the very important questions for laser fusion applications. In experiments this absorption has been observed to be substantially more efficient than expected on the basis of classical inverse Bremsstrahlung. An absorption efficiency of ~ 70% has been typically observed in experiments with slab targetsl–4 --even using laser light intensities exceeding 1016 W/cm2 (Nd). It should be noted that a number of experiments with curved targets such as spheres or cylinders have shown a somewhat lower absorption efficiency of ~ 30%, with about half the energy lost to refraction around the target. But even in these experiments the absorption is usually found to be greater than expected classically at high intensities.


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