Scattered Radiation and Neutron Production in Laser-Plasma Interaction

  • P. L. Mascheroni
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 8)


The study of the interaction of a strong wave with a plasma is of interest to fusion physics. In laserpellet-driven-fusion,1 one heats a microsphere of properly tamped D-T fuel in less than a microsecond by electromagnetic radiation of the order of 1017 W/cm2(Nd). The particle distribution function at the absorbing plasma layer (the energy deposition layer) provides the initial distribution function for the hydro-regime that describes the pellet, and hence is an input in its design (the pellet design and pulse shape must keep a spherical, symmetric hydro-regime). We can find many other examples of this,2 like the heating of magnetically confined plasma by intense radio frequency fields,3 current driven turbulence, etc. In current driven turbulence, for example in a Tokamak,4 the heated particle distribution function provides the initial data for the study of the relaxation of the plasma to a Tokamak contained one.


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