Languages, Hierarchical Structures, and Logic

  • Eduardo R. Caianiello
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 6)


I think it appropriate, and thank Professor Kursunoglu for planning it, that at a gathering of this nature the science of Cybernetics be not absent. Whether you call it this name, or “General Systems Theory”, “Study of Artificial Intelligence” or any other denomination that different people use in different places to denote exactly the same kind of work, the relevant fact is that a new paradigm in science is thereby implied, in which the global approach, rather than the specialistic particularization, is the center of interest. Interdisciplinary by its very nature, Cybernetics (this is the word I consider as the most fitting for many reasons, not excluding my long association with Norbert Wiener) makes the study of relations among parts of very complicated systems its main objective of research.


Hierarchical Structure Level Formation Free Monoid General System Theory Syllogistic Reasoning 
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