Determination of the Molecular Weights of Membrane Proteins and Polypeptides

  • Wayne W. Fish


The number of methods available for the estimation of the molecular weights of native proteins and/or their constituent polypeptide chains is greater now than ever before. The contemporary investigator commonly has access to an analytical ultracentrifuge, and, with the advent of simple and inexpensive semiempirical methods such as gel chromatography and gel electrophoresis in denaturing solvents, what was once a major undertaking has become a matter of routine. Unfortunately, this generalization most aptly applies to those who work with proteins whose origin is a hydrophilic environment, such as cytoplasm and serum; the investigator who is engaged in the study of membranes and membrane proteins finds himself dealing with macromolecules that must function in a nonaqueous environment and therefore often do not conform to the expected behavioral patterns of hydrophilic proteins.


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