Inhibition of Fertilization with Specific Antibodies

  • C. Alex Shivers
  • Alan B. Dudkiewicz
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Interest in using immunological procedures to study events and components in reproduction has increased recently, as indicated by the number of research papers published on the subject. From several review articles (Piko, 1967; Tyler et al, 1967; Edwards, 1970; Kirby, 1970; Shulman, 1971; Fox and Shivers, 1972), workshops (Society for the Study of Reproduction, Boston, Massachusetts, 1971), and international symposia (Geneva, Switzerland, 1968, and Varna, Bulgaria, 1971) dealing with the subject of immunoreproduction, one is led to conclude that many macromolecular components of reproductive tissues serve as antigens when exposed to the immune system of the same or different mammalian species and that specific antibodies produced against these antigens are useful for a variety of diagnostic purposes including studies on fertility and sterility.


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