The World Food Crisis: Population, Food, and Environmental Issues as They Affect Pakistan

  • Joseph C. Wheeler
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 8)


It is inevitable that Pakistan will double its population—there is even a possibility of a quadrupling. Because of an unusual resource base, Pakistan has an opportunity to more than double its agricultural production in the next generation and to go into business as a provider of food to the international market on a substantially larger scale. The first imperative in achieving this goal is for the people and government of Pakistan to want to achieve it. Once the will is there, policies and practices are available to make it happen. By implication, the fruits of such a policy will be only temporary unless humanity succeeds in finding the keys that will shift sociological attitudes toward family size. Although nobody has those keys to offer Pakistan today, together humanity must continue to search for them or suffer the penalties that overcrowding will inevitably exact on us. There is a need for more efficient food production to make possible nonfood consumption and the relationship of this to controlling population. Increasingly, food and population mathematics have become matters of worldwide concern. More than ever we human beings recognize each other as kindred and recognize each other’s problems as belonging to us all. These next 25 years offer extraordinary challenges to the human race; Pakistan’s scientists, working closely with colleagues around the world, are in an excellent position to help find the answers.


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