Repair of Radiation and Chemical Damage to DNA in Human Cells

  • Steven N. Buhl
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 2)


DNA is susceptible to damage from extracellular sources. Repair of damaged DNA can be divided into (a) prereplication repair, observed in DNA that is present when the insult is given, and (b) postreplication repair, observed in the daughter strands synthesized after the insult. Recovery and repair in human cells have been measured in a number of ways: (a) by a decrease in reproductive death with dose fractionation (1), (b) by unscheduled DNA synthesis (2), (c) by repair replication (3), (d) by sedimentation-velocity studies (4), (e) by a combi­nation of repair replication and sedimentation-velocity studies with photolysis of BrdUrd-sensitized DNA (5), and (f) by excision of chemical products or photo-products from DNA (6,7).


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