Elimination of Pesticides by Aquatic Animals

  • M. A. Q. Khan
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The absorption and elimination of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides, DDT, Lindane, and cyclodienes, seem to occur simultaneously in fish. Continuous long-term exposure for several months may show higher levels of these insecticides, especially the most lipophilic DDT, in fat but the results of short-term exposures indicate that accumulation in tissues involves factors other than just the lipophilicity of the insecticide and the total fat contents of the tissue.

Transfer of the pre-exposed animals to insecticide-free water results in the elimination of the absorbed chemical. The rate of elimination depends on the water-solubility of the insecticide. Lindane, chlordane, and photodieldrin are more rapidly eliminated than more lipophilic DDT. In fish tissues of all organs eliminate at about similar rates. Renal, bronchial, biliary (fecal), and integumentary routes are all involved in the excretion of these insecticides.


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