Dynamics of Pesticides in Aquatic Environments

  • R. Haque
  • P. C. Kearney
  • V. H. Freed
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 10)


The water solubility, adsorption, and bioaccumulation of pesticides and related chemicals have been discussed in the light of dynamics of pesticides in the aquatic environments. The solubility of chlorinated biphenyl analogs increased with a decreasing number of chlorine atoms in the molecule. In contrast, adsorption of polychlorinated biphenyls on clay, sand, soils, and humic acid increased as the number of chlorine atoms increased. The octanol/water partition coefficient of organophosphate pesticides varies over a wide, range. Ethoxy groups usually increase the partition coefficient, as compared with the corresponding methoxy analogue. The bioaccumulation of various pesticides in fish was influenced by polarity and water solubility. There is a qualitative correlation between water solubility and fish bioaccumulation--the bioaccumulation decreased as the solubility of the pesticide increased. Water solubility is important in decreasing the dynamics of pesticides in aquatic environment.


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  • R. Haque
  • P. C. Kearney
  • V. H. Freed

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