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  • Robert D. Ulrich
Part of the Contemporary Topics in Polymer Science book series (CTPS, volume 1)


Although my research for the Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins was with Frank O. Rice on photo-oxidation of acetone1, I heard about developments in polymers from teachers E. Emmett Reid, Emil Ott, Maurice Huggins, and Neil Gordon. Beginning in September 1936 in laboratories of the Plastics Department of duPont in Arlington, N.J., I worked on the coloring of different types of plastics and later upon the reaction processes giving polymer plastics from methyl methacrylate, styrene, vinyl, chloride, and vinyl acetate as well as manufacture of polyvinyl alcohols and polyvinyl butyral. Opalescent co-polymers from styrene and MMA were developed and produced2. Inhibition of MMA by oxygen and the oxidation products were studied3. These experiences, together with contacts with German polymer processes from Allied Intelligence Reports and in the General Aniline and Film Corp. (after its seizure by the U.S. in War II) gave me background for the book Vinyl and Related Polymers4. I also had the advantages of Herman Mark’s lectures and seminars at Brooklyn Polytechnic beginning in 1941.


Vinyl Ether Maleic Anhydride Vinyl Ester Ether Polymer Polyvinyl Butyral 
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