Induction of Tumor-Immune Responses and Their Interaction with the Developing Tumor

  • Robert William Baldwin
  • Richard Adrian Robins


The central thesis of tumor immunology is that host responses to tumor-associated antigens exert a degree of immunological control over a developing tumor. This concept has developed principally from studies on experimental animal tumors induced by chemical carcinogens or oncogenic viruses, and to a lesser extent with naturally occurring tumors, in which it has been established that immunological rejection of tumors can sometimes be induced in suitably presensitized syngeneic recipients (Sjögren, 1965; Baldwin, 1973). Furthermore, immune rejection responses can be demonstrated in the tumor-bearing host, so that while the primary tumor implant is beyond host control, a concomitant challenge with the same tumor may be rejected, provided it is not too large (Gershon et al., 1967; Vaage, 1971). This has led to a further postulate, which proposes that the failure of immunocompetent hosts to reject a nascent tumor results from specific immune defects induced by tumor-associated products influencing primarily the cell-mediated arm of the tumor-immune response (I. Hellström and K.E. Hellström, 1969; K.E. Hellström and I. Hellström, 1974; Baldwin and Robins, 1975).


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  • Robert William Baldwin
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  • Richard Adrian Robins
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  1. 1.Cancer Research Campaign LaboratoriesUniversity of NottinghanNottinghamEngland

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