Complement Receptors

  • Celso Bianco
  • Victor Nussenzweig


In the beginning of this century, it was noted by many investigators that in the presence of immune serum, protozoa, bacteria, and other particles adhered to leukocytes and platelets, both in vivo and in vitro (reviewed by D.S. Nelson, 1963). This attachment of parasites promoted their clearance from the blood and was part of the mechanism of defense against infection. Progress in the understanding of these observations was very slow and controversial, however, probably because several different phenomena were involved, in which antibody and complement participated in varying degrees.


Immune Complex Lymphoid Organ Complement Component Complement Receptor Mouse Peritoneal Macrophage 

Abbreviations in this chapter


antibody-mediated cell cytotoxicity


complement components 1–4

(factors P, B, and D)

complement components of the alternative pathway

(CRI and II)

complement receptors I and II


complement-receptor lymphocytes


sheep erythrocytes


sheep erythrocytes coated with rabbit antibodies of undetermined class


sheep erythrocytes coated with antibody and complement

(EIgG, EIgM)

sheep erythrocytes coated with IgG or IgM


complement mediated complex-release activity


cobra venom factor




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