Cardiac Muscle

  • John R. Gilbertson
Part of the Monographs in Lipid Research book series (MLR)


The importance of fatty acids in the metabolism of cardiac muscle is well established (Neeley et al., 1972; Neeley and Morgan, 1974; Opie, 1968, 1969; Bing, 1965; Evans, 1939). These acids play diverse roles in the heart by contributing to the structure of the complex lipids, providing a substrate for energy production, and acting as biochemical modulators that affect a number of essential enzymes either directly or indirectly. The extent to which fatty acids are utilized for these functions varies with the oxygenation of this tissue and the availability of other competitive substrates. The discussion that follows will present some of the information that relates to these and other areas of lipid metabolism in this organ.


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