Introduction to Spin Temperatures and their Relation to the Bloch Equations

  • C. P. Slichter
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 22)


One of the most useful simplifications of the general problem of N nuclei coupled to one another, to applied fields, and to the lattice is the famous Bloch equations
$$d{M_z}/dt = \gamma {\left( {\overrightarrow M \times \overrightarrow H \left( t \right)} \right)_z} + \left( {{M_o} - {M_z}} \right)/{T_1}$$
$$d{M_{x,y}}/dt = \gamma {\left( {\vec M \times \vec H\left( t \right)} \right)_{x,y}} - {M_{x,y}}/{T_2}$$
where “x,y” stands for either the x component or the y component, and where \(\overrightarrow H (t)\)(t) is the applied magnetic field consisting of a static component Ho in the z-direction and a time dependent term of arbitrary orientation.


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