Perturbation Spectroscopy and Optical Detection of Paramagnetic Resonance

  • Yves Merle d’Aubigne
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 19)


Zeeman and Stark effects have long been studied on the narrow spectral lines emitted by atoms in gases. Similar effects have been recently studied for impurities or defect in solids which have broad absorption or emission bands (1). This became possible due to the development of a new experimental technique, essentially lock-in detection, which allows one to measure very small variations of absorption or emission intensities produced when a perturbation is applied to a crystal. Stark effect studies are described by Spinolo and some of the consequences of stress have been outlined by Van der Osten. My discussion is restricted to measurements of circular dichroism in magnetic fields and linear dichroism under uniaxial stress. In this first lecture I outline the principle of these differential techniques and describe how they may uncover the structures of electronic levels much smaller than the width of an optical band. I then show that this perturbation spectroscopy is an excellent tool for the study of such phenomena as the electron-lattice coupling and the Jahn-Teller effect (2–4).


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  • Yves Merle d’Aubigne
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Spectrométrie PhysiqueU.S.M.G.Grenoble CedexFrance

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