Interactions of Radiation with Atoms and Molecules

  • B. Di Bartolo
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 12)


This series of four lectures presents in a fundamental and comprehensive way the interaction of radiation with atomic and molecular systems. The first lecture deals with the quantum theory of molecular systems; the adiabatic approximation is introduced and its implications for the use of the symmetry properties of the system are treated. The second lecture deals with the theory of the radiative field; it starts with the consideration of the classical radiative field and then treats the quantum theory of such a field. The third lecture deals with the interaction of a radiative field and a charged particle and considers the various radiative processes that such an interaction can produce. The fourth lecture treats the more general problem of the interaction between radiation and atomic and molecular systems; the Franck-Condon principle in its various formulations (classical, semiclassical and quantum mechanical) is introduced.


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