Programs on Large Scale Applications of Superconductivity in the Federal Republic of Germany

  • G. Bogner
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 1)


The work on applied superconductivity in Germany was and is mainly concentrated in the industrial laboratories such as: SIEMENS AG, VACUUMSCHMELZE GMBH, KRAFTWERK UNION (a common daughter of SIEMENS and AEG), a working group of AEG-TELEFUNKEN, KABELMETAL and LINDE AG and also in the large governmental laboratories, such as: KERNFORSCHUNGS-ANSTALT jülich (KFA) and INSTITUT FUR EXPERIMENTELLE KERNPHYSIK (IEKP) of the gesellschaft fur kernforschung in karlsruhe. The superconductivity program of the KFA will be finished at the end of 1973. Part of its activities has already been moved and the remainder will be moved to the IEKP karlsruhe. Fundamental research on superconductivity is done in a series of technical universities, but this work will not be mentioned in the scope of this report.


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