Reassembly of Apoproteins and Lipids

  • Maryvonne Rosseneu
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 15)


An approach to the problem of lipid-protein interactions in lipoproteins, is to study the behaviour of ”in vitro” reassembled apoprotein-lipid mixtures. Apoproteins obtained by delipidation of lipoproteins can be recombined with lipids either synthetic or isolated from the corresponding lipoprotein fraction. Analysis of the kinetics and thermodynamic features of the association process, as well as of the composition, properties and structure of the complex, should provide information about the nature and extent of the forces responsible for the formation and stabilization of the apoproteinlipid bond within native lipoproteins. Various technical problems are associated with these experiments such as the preparation and characterization of lipid dispersions and of apoprotein solutions, the selection of an optimal reassembly procedure given the lipid and protein composition of the initial mixture. Discussion and evaluation of the various reassembly techniques will be the first part of this paper. The physical techniques applied to the monitoring of the extent of association and to the isolation and characterization of the lipid-apoprotein complexes will be subsequently described. Finally, some of the results obtained with isolated apoA-I, apoA-II, apoC-I, apoC-III proteins will be summarized and analysed.


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